The 15 Best iOS 6 Cydia Apps & Tweaks

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The 15 Best iOS 6 Cydia Apps & Tweaks

For all those users who have already jailbroken their phones and enjoyed the amazing tweaks that have been made obtainable on Cydia, reverting is certainly not a good option here. The Cydia apps as well as tweaks do bring in some extremely great changes only if you choose the most appropriate ones. There are several available at present but with the IOS 6, there are many compatibility issues too. However, some of these work really well for iOS 6.

15 Best Cydia Apps and Tweaks:

The 15 Best iOS 6 Cydia Apps & Tweaks


1. StyleUnlock :

For all those users who are not much familiar with the StyleUnlock, it happens to be an incredible tweak that enables users to unlock their lock screen via other gestures such as swipe up, pinch etc.


2. TapSong :

It is more of a substitute to control the music through the lock screen on the iPhone. It has been listed as one of the most trendy Cydia tweaks is for the reason that it is useful in making the audio control accessible right from the lock screen appear simpler compared to the standard double pressing of the home-button icon. You just have to tap once, it is going to play, tap again and it will pause. It’s just this simple.


3. SwipeSelection :

It is a vital tweak, as you only have to swipe your fingers over the letters on the keypad to type the letters. It works both on iPad and iPhone.


4. Webspot :

Users can easily add in a webpage to their spotlight search page. This feature is not new or unique but happens to be exceedingly useful.


5. Arrangestatusbar :

In case you are considering arranging your status bar as per your preferences, for instance pushing the time display to the right or moving the WI-FI away, this tweak will help you get this done. Neat, simple and extremely good customization.


6. Activator :

An essential tweak that makes the shortcut actions extremely useful. The best thing is that Activator is very well compatible with the iOS6 and works properly.


7. SpringBoard :

A great tweak that is considered as the best one when it comes to having too  many home screens available right on the springboard. It comes quite handy while you have several home screens also consider switching from the primary one to the last immediately.


8. Zeppelin :

A known tweak by Cydia that enables users to replace their carrier names with a customized logo of their own preference. It works really well with the IOS 5 version and also with iOS 6. If you are considering tailoring your iPhone, the best tweak to opt for is Zeppelin.


9. SwitcherPages :

A simple tweak that offers great functionality which is not only useful but practical too. While you double press the home button on your iPhone, you will get the multitasking switching bar. Wouldn’t it be great to have all the page dots right on your screen? It would be great to know instantaneously, how many applications are you currently running and are exhausting your battery.


10. VLC Player :

The VLC player app has been kicked out of the App store but it is still available for the Jailbreakers. Cydia has it available and the best part is that it works really great on iOS 6.

VLC Player

11. Winterboard :

This is another amazing app. Winterboard offers users with an ultimate theme platform that enables them to install various themes along with several customization features.


12. IntelliScreenX :

A useful tweak, which enhances the utility and power of the notification center by simply providing additional functionality along with the possibility of customizing shortcuts and gadgets. Users can even add the feature of receiving Twitter and Facebook feeds in the Notification center.


13. iFile :

An extraordinary Cydia tweak as it provides users with the possibility of managing system files that run under the user roots. It has been exclusively made available for all the jailbroken iPhones and offers the feature of renaming, changing, deleting and moving files in the operating system.


14. Springtomize :

An imperative Cydia app for all those users who prefer customizing their gadgets, Users can change the icons of several apps, customize their app switcher, lock screen and even the dock.


15. INoRotate :

It is another useful Cydia app which is useful in making your device preserve its horizontal approach of displaying things.

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