Top 10 Jailbreak Apps And Tweaks For Your iPhone 4s & iPhone 5

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Top 10 Jailbreak Apps And Tweaks For Your iPhone 4s & iPhone 5

All those who have got an iPhone 4S or even iPhone 5 now are making use of the latest Absinthe jailbreak that has been recently released. Eventually, all users can enjoy their favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks that they have been waiting for so long. Following are some following are some of the vital and useful tweaks that you could apply and make your iPhone a bit more awesome to utilize. Enjoy these fundamental top 10 Jailbreak apps and tweaks for your iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.

 iPhone 4S and iPhone 5

1: Activator

The app/tweak will enable users to assign specific buttons or gestures clicks to particular apps or functions. The app happens to be quite handy particularly when users want to make use of the messaging applications that offer them with a feature of ‘QuickReply’ or ‘QuickCompose’ option asking the click of a volume icon or button. The app is free to access.


2: SB Settings

This tweak puts the most fundamental features of your Smartphone at the swipe of the status bar. It offers users with a neat GUI that provides toggles for Airplane Mode, Location Settings, Process, Bluetooth, WiFi, EDGE, and 3G. Themes can be easily modified and several more toggles can be installed.

SB Settings

3: MultiIconMover 

An extremely handy tweak that will enable users to opt for multiple icons while ‘wobbling’, making users have a new folder or homepage and pressing the home button to place the specific apps. The only restriction to this app is that it is going to simply move the similar number of applications as space is available at the destination. MultiIconMover can be downloaded for free via the Cydia store.


4: IntelliscreenX

One of the best apps offering users with the feature of lock screen news, communication center, a social network to the IOS’s native Notification Centre. Users can personalize their lock screen pages and can add in RSS address, twitter feed, Facebook feed, and email feed. The app can be accessed fro the Cydia Store for just $9.99 along with a  free trail.


5: FolderEnhancer

Users can add in an unlimited number of icon or apps to any folder. Every folder shows 16 different icons and can be easily set to swipe with the typical iOS swipe gesture, even can be programmed to vertical scrolling. Several behavior and appearance settings can be customized including changing the background and font color.


6: Lockinfo

This app enables users to have a personalized lock screen to open and view specific iOS apps, such as email, phone, messages, and let them interact with them through the lock screen. There are certain native custom add on that can aid users to put on their lock screen what you really consider seeing. The app is only available for $7.99 at the Cydia Store.


7: iFile

With this app, users can look deep into the roots of their iDevice also trace all the paths concerning iOS. The app is exceedingly useful when it comes to resolving the common issues related to Cydia as well as some other installed tweaks or apps. iFile is presented for only $4.00 from the Cydia store.


8: Terminal

A terminal based GUI useful for interacting appropriately with the iOS system and files. The app happens to be a text-based program that comes in handy to send commands to the operating system along interacting with it. It also aids when users prefer changing their root password. The app can be accessed for free.


9: Springtomize

An amazing tweak for editing the appearance of your device. Users can personalize anything including the backgrounds, text and color of your Smartphone. Springtomize offers users with numerous functionalities that no other app offers and is available for only $2.99 from the Cydia store.


10: BiteSMS

With this app, users can create, answer and respond to calls and messages from anywhere on their iPhone. The app is basically a substitute for the IOS’s messaging application.


The app happens to be quite handy and  is available for just €6.95 from the Cydia store.

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